Robert C Skelly, CLU®, ChFC®

Financial Advisor

Your Future is Now

Robert Skelly, Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual. Bob and his team serve a variety of clients in over 20 states.

Life is characterized by patterns that bestow a reassuring sense of predictability. The sun rises and sets, seasons change, and what happened before helps us to process what is happening now and what will come to be. However, life also is known for its surprises that upset the ordinary and force a reassessment of conditions. Large or small, surprises create a new reality, whether or not we’re ready for it.

When it comes to having a secure financial future for a family or organization, Robert Skelly can help ensure you’re ready for the surprises. He begins in conversation with you toward the goal of understanding the current situation, as well as any anticipated future needs and dreams. Next Bob provides financial solutions geared toward your objectives, and once you start working with him, he’s there for the long term to keep an eye on your situation and recommend changes as evolving factors warrant.

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My Mission

Preparing for a secure financial future can involve some of life’s most important decisions, and so Robert Skelly devotes to every client relationship the care and attention that such occasions require. Similarly he uses professional education opportunities to remain engaged in his field and maximize his utility as a resource to clients. When quality of life is in the balance, operating with the utmost integrity is the only appropriate response.

Northwestern Mutual News

Northwestern Mutual ranks first in customer satisfaction
Northwestern Mutual ranks #1 in customer satisfaction among U.S. life insurers for the fifth consecutive year.

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Physicians Nationwide

Robert Skelly is a member of Physicians Nationwide. Physicians Nationwide is a group of qualified and experienced Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives who specialize in serving the unique financial needs of physicians.

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